Signs you have a racial fetish

Let me start by explaining what exactly is a racial fetish, as it is not often talked about.

A racial fetish is the sexual fetishization of someone based on physical characteristics pertaining to their race, stereotypes, and/or cultural attributes.

I will name some concrete examples to further your understanding of this very real concept.

  • The Latina girl as spicy, fiery, exotic
  • The White girl as the “Snow Bunny”
  • The Black girl as sassy, gangster
  • The Asian girl as innocent, dainty, foreign

When you reduce human beings to characteristics, often stereotypical of their race, ethnicity, or culture, you’re objectifying them to fulfill your own personal wishes and expectations for how they should look and/or behave. 

You’re expecting something of them before you even get to know who they are.

There’s a fine line between thinking someone is attractive as an individual and lusting after someone for their skin color and the attributes you assume come with it.

Here are some primary differences between having a racial fetish and simply appreciating someone’s race/culture (but that not being the primary source of attraction for you).

Signs you do have a racial fetish

  • You are attracted to someone primarily because of their skin color/culture/language
  • You find yourself attracted to a certain type of person based on stereotypes in society…(such as, Latinas being “chula” and “exotic”)
  • The type of porn you watch is limited to “interracial”, “white girls”, “latina”, “black girls”, “indian girls”, “asian girls” etc.

Signs you don’t have a racial fetish

  • You find the person attractive, but their skin color/culture is not the reason for your attraction
  • You did not initially find interest in this person based on stereotypes/their race/their culture
  • You prefer a person of a certain ethnicity based on your own cultural customs, not based on your attraction to their race or culture.