Men have absolutely no right to an opinion on abortion

With the many new abortion laws set to take effect in 2020, the opinions surrounding abortion have grown substantially.

Yet, if abortion truly affects nobody but women, why are there constantly so many comments and complaints from men?

After all, men cannot get pregnant, therefore the issue of abortion really has nothing to do with them. What it has to do with is their desire to control women. These men who are against abortion want to keep the patriarchy alive by telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

What these men who are “anti-abortion” need to understand is that women are not walking wombs, and we deserve sexual freedom just like our male counterparts.

Besides the fact that a man’s opinion on women’s reproductive rights should not be valued, it is hypocritical at best to think women should suffer with the burden of a child she does not wish to have, when men themselves are half of the reason for the pregnancy. In fact, studies recorded by the CDC show that only about 1/3 of men worldwide wear condoms while about 60% of women of reproductive age currently use contraceptive methods. Based on this, the ones who are generally the most negligent when it comes to preventing pregnancy are men. So, if they are the ones who are being so careless when it comes to unprotected sex, why are women the ones who need to be punished and deal with the “consequences” of unprotected sex? Why do women have to suffer for the careless actions of men?

Let’s not forget that there are often very serious reasons why a woman would not want to have a child. These include rape, health reasons, financial reasons, age, and a number of other personal reasons that are nobody’s damn business.

Making abortion more difficult does not mean that it will not happen; it means that it will happen, but in alternative and dangerous ways. We will be back to the time in history when women used clothes hangers. Yea, it’s as unsettling as it sounds.

If abortion is not a widely available, safe and legal process, abortion-related deaths and injuries will surely ensue.

The bottom line is: Reproductive freedom is a basic human right. If a woman does not wish to carry a baby to term, she should not be forced to.