This is an opinion blog

Most of the content written on this blog is purely opinion. You are welcome to disagree, debate, or argue with what I write. I welcome and encourage discussion, because that is the pure purpose of this blog — to create a discussion.

My goal

 I want to shine a light on the issues that receive little to no coverage. My goal is to help change people’s ways of thinking and help them open their minds. This isn’t a space I use to demean people – I am simply here to showcase my views and help provide a different viewpoint that could influence people and in turn, lead to a better world full of more aware, accepting and knowledgeable people. 

Share with your friends.

I want to encourage people to read my posts and think about them. Question them. Agree or disagree. To me, what is important is that you engage with my posts. Send them to people who you think could use a wake up call.

The only way to a world with less hate is through spreading love, making an effort to understand and listen to others, and through sharing information like the kind I post on my blog. If you happen to see an article you think someone needs to read, send it.

Make people AWARE. Wake them up.